2020 Davis Cup: Results, scores, how to watch, stream, time, qualifying round dates

The Davis Cup — the premier international team event in professional men’s tennis and the world’s largest annual international team competition in sports — is returning with it’s revamped format for the second year in a row. Qualifying is now complete, and the 18-nation field is set for the Davis Cup finals in November.

The United States has historically dominated the tournament that began in 1900, but Team USA is going through a dry spell of sorts with regards to winning the whole thing. While America has 32 Davis Cup titles, they haven’t won since 2007. That year, the championship team featured Andy Roddick, James Blake and the Bryan twins (Bob and Mike).

If they don’t win it this year, next year’s American team will almost certainly have no one on the roster who has experienced a Davis Cup title, as the Bryan Twins plan on retiring from professional tennis after the 2020 U.S. Open. The two have won a record 16 men’s doubles grand slam titles together. But before this team even thinks that far ahead, they’ll have to win their qualifier against Uzbekistan. Here’s everything you need to know about that matchup.


Croatia (1) def. India, 3-1
Hungary def. Belgium (2), 3-2 
Columbia def. Argentina (3), 3-1
USA (4) def. Uzbekistan 4-0
Australia (5) def. Brazil, 3-1
Italy (6) def. South Korea, 4-0
Germany (7) def. Belarus, 4-1 
Kazakhstan (8) def. Netherlands, 3-1 
Czech Republic (9) def. Slovakia, 3-1
Austria (10) def. Uruguay, 3-1 
Ecuador def. Japan (11), 3-0
Sweden (12) def. Chile, 3-1 

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