49ers give $279 signing bonus to undrafted D-III quarterback from rookie budget pool

Broc Rutter, an undrafted rookie quarterback from North Carolina Central, signed with the San Francisco 49ers on Wednesday and doing so put some more cash in his pocket than expected. As it turns out, the Niners had some extra money in the bank, so the team was able to give Rutter an additional bonus on top of what he already got.

Every year, teams are allocated a set budget of bonus money to give to undrafted free agents. As any person who’s been given a budget for work will tell you, it’s in the best interest of the individual receiving that budget to use as much of it as humanly possible. With just $279 left in the pool, the team didn’t want it to disappear from their books — or whatever the NFL decides to do with the overflow — and tossed it over to Rutter.

While it might seem like chump change in comparison to most NFL contracts — or even in comparison to the cost of living in San Francisco — it’s a good chance for Rutter to get some actual guaranteed money. According to Spotrac, his contract is for three years and 2.3 million, though there’s a chance that Rutter doesn’t see a whole lot of it.

Rutter’s career accolades include leading his team to the NCAA Division III National Championship in December, smashing the Division III career passing yards record and winning the Gagliardi Trophy as the nation’s top D-III player. If he’s able to translate any of the talent that brought him so much success in college to the NFL, his paydays will soon become even better than the $279 he got on Friday.

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