Callaway Golf is one stock to get long on

Ubiquiti: “If you want enterprise it’s Cisco, and if you want individual we’re going to go with Zoom. We’re not going to out-think this one.”

Callaway Golf: “I think this is an interesting level to get long on this stock.”

Halozyme Therapeutics: “I don’t want to take on too much risk right here.”

Cardlytics: “I’m going to say yes, this is what we’ve been waiting for.”

Mercadolibre: “That is one great company. … We’ve got the Spotify, we’ve got the Mercadolibre and we’ve got the Alibaba, and all of those are three foreign stocks … and they’re all good. They’re all buys.”

Martin Marietta Materials: “I like the company, but you see right now we’re going into a recession. We ain’t coming out of it yet and we don’t have an infrastructure bill, we don’t have the $3 trillion that I want, we don’t have anything.”

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