College basketball coaching carousel: The top 12 immediately rewarding hires from 2019

College basketball had nearly 60 coach hirings in the late winter/spring of 2019. Last season, most of those men had expectedly bumpy traverses through their debut campaigns.

But about one-fourth of them did pretty well for themselves. None so great as to enter the coach-of-the-year conversation at the national level (which seldom happens for a first-year coach in a new spot), but a handful were on their way to getting their teams to the NCAA Tournament before all that had to be sliced away. 

On Monday, we shared our annual grading of the most prominent coaching carousel hirings through the prism of waiting four years after those hires. So the coaches listed below, hired in 2019, aren’t graded so much as they’re lauded for immediately getting things going on the right track. This is a reminder of who did best off the bat. 

I came up with 12 who were undeniably successful in their first year, to varying impacts. This year’s list is deeper than last year’s, and is guaranteed to be deeper than next year’s due to the fact COVID-19 has forced upon the sport its quietest hiring and firing cycle in 50-plus years. 

2019’s most immediately successful hires

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