Coronavirus: Premier League captain refuses to return to training due to concerns for his baby’s health

Premier League teams are allowed to return to training on Tuesday, but Watford striker Troy Denney doesn’t plan on being there. While the league’s shareholders voted to allow small group training this week with the hope of larger group training before long, Deeney said he isn’t going in during the coronavirus pandemic over potential concerns for his son’s health.

“We’re due back in this week. I’ve said I’m not going in,” Deeney told online boxing show, Matchroom Boxing.

Deeney wants to keep it safe due to his young son who has had some minor health issues in the past. 

“My son is five months and he’s had breathing difficulties. I don’t want to come home to put him in more danger. You’ve got to drive in in your own kit, you can’t have showers, then you’ve got to drive back home in the same dirty kit you’ve got,” Deeney said. 

“While we are getting tested and while we are going to be in a very safe environment, it only takes one person to get infected within the group. I don’t want to be bringing that home.”

This comes as the Bundesliga just returned to action with matches this past weekend, with the Premier League hoping to follow suit. The truth is, we don’t really know at this point how risky it is for players to return to training. In the Bundesliga, teams are taking every precaution to insure safety, but until some weeks have passed and more COVID-19 tests are completed, we don’t really know have a lot of data to work from. Second division German side Dynamo Dresden had their team quarantined after two tested positive before the season began.

Deeney isn’t chancing it. It’s unclear if he would be subject to some sort of punishment if he doesn’t attend training, but one would hope the league and team would be understanding of his situation, prioritizing something that is so much more important than the sport. 

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