David Price is paying $1,000 to each minor league player in the Dodgers’ system, per report

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, Major League Baseball’s 2020 season has been indefinitely suspended since March. With the abrupt halt of baseball, many minor-league players have not received a paycheck since last season.

Los Angeles Dodgers lefty David Price has reportedly pledged to pay all of the minor league players not currently on the Dodgers’ 40-man roster $1,000 in the month of June. Price, 34, recently joined the Dodgers this offseason via a trade with the Boston Red Sox

Minor leaguers are not paid during spring training, and instead, receive a $400 weekly stipend. While some MLB clubs have committed to continuing paying their minor leaguers beyond the MLB/MLB Players Association March agreement set to expire at the end of May, others have announced that they will end their $400 weekly stipend after May 31. Either way, because of the situation brought on by the coronavirus pandemic, many minor leaguers are feeling financial pressures and stress, and Price’s commitment to his new teammates is sure to help alleviate some of that. 

Beginning this week and extending through next week, teams are collectively expected to release hundreds of minor leaguers, with most organizations cutting somewhere between 30 and 50 players. A lot is still up in the air for minor leaguers, and Minor League Baseball as a whole, but Price’s gesture is sure to support players as they continue to wait out and see if they’ll get a chance to play baseball this season.

MLB and the MLBPA are currently negotiating the start of the 2020 season. The league’s most recent proposal included a sliding salary scale that would see some players take a pay cut north of 77 percent.

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