Derek Jeter says he would’ve moved out of Manhattan if Yankees lost 2000 Subway Series to Mets

Yankees legend Derek Jeter spent parts of 20 seasons with the ballclub and never played for anyone else. He won five World Series rings and was a 14-time All-Star. This past January, he was selected to the Baseball Hall of Fame with 99.7 percent of the vote. He was New York City in many ways during his career. He set up shop in Manhattan and never left. 

And yet, according to Jeter, it might have happened if the Yankees lost to the Mets in the 2000 World Series, known as the Subway Series. He said as much on WFAN Thursday

“I’ve joked about it before, but I really mean it — I moved to Manhattan when I was 21 years old, but if we didn’t win that World Series against the Mets, I think I would’ve moved out of the city,” Jeter told Jack Curry. “In my mind, it was a battle for New York, and we were playing for something pretty special, winning three championships in a row.”

The Yankees won that series in five games with Jeter taking the MVP honors (he hit .409 with two doubles, a triple and two homers that series). I have no doubt that he believes a series loss would’ve meant he was going to move, but he also never really faced the possibility of that happening. It’s easy to envision something until it’s time to put your proverbial money where your mouth is. It’s even easier to say, 20 years later, what you would have done. Also, anyone who has moved recently knows how much of a headache it is. Would you really go to that trouble just because of a series loss? 

Instead of moving after a 2000 World Series loss, Jeter and the Yankees agreed to a 10-year, $189 million deal after their fourth title in five years. 

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