DeVante Parker and Michael Thomas get into war of words on Instagram: ‘You can’t even get a seat at the table’

Ali vs. Frazier. Tupac vs. Biggie. Brady vs. Manning. Bird vs. Magic. Parker vs. Thomas? Two of the NFL’s top receivers decided to come to blows on Monday night over Instagram after Dolphins pass-catcher DeVante Parker answered a question posed by the NFL on FOX account asking whether recording a catch on Patriots corner Stephon Gilmore is tougher than breaking up a pass intended for Saints wide receiver Michael Thomas. Parker commented with a simple “A,” indicating that he belives going against Gilmore is more difficult, Thomas responded, and away they went (you can check out the unedited version here). 

“For you, yes,” Thomas wrote in his initial response to Parker. “Go run some numbers up. Then you can talk. I lapped you and you been in the league longer than me, first-rounder.” 

Parker responded: “Got some hard feeling there brotha??? Let me get targeted 300 times a game.” 

“In other words, you weak,” Thomas fired back. “They don’t even put your name in the same sentence as me. Remember that!” 

“You still not going to do nothing,” he continued. “It took you six years and 17 weeks to have a good game. GTFOH. Blame your parents, not no QB.” 

“Quit crying bra,” said Parker, coupled with some laughing emojis. 

“You heard what I said,” Thomas wrote. 

“I didn’t hear [expletive] play boi,” Parker exclaimed. 

Thomas concluded: “You can’t even get a seat at the table.” 


To take a quick step back from the actual argument for a moment — the question itself is pretty fair. Gilmore is the reigning Defensive Player of the Year while Thomas hauled in an NFL-record 149 passes during the 2019 season. Thomas had a catch percentage of 80.5% during that historic season, while Gilmore led the NFL with 20 passes defended and six interceptions. 

For Parker, who faced Gilmore twice last year, it seemed like he was originally giving a nod to his AFC East rival more than slighting the talents of Thomas, but the Saints receiver clearly took it as a personal front. The fact that he went so hard against Parker in what appeared to be a rather innocent comment doesn’t paint him in the best light when determining who actually won this keyboard kerfuffle.

To Thomas’ point, he’s clearly been the more productive receiver since entering the league, posting thousand-plus yard campaigns in each of his first four years in the league. Parker just topped the thousand-yard receiving mile marker for the first time in his career last season, but he also hasn’t had future Hall of Fame quarterback Drew Brees throwing him the football from the jump. If the roles were reversed and everyone remained healthy, there’s no question that Parker would have enjoyed more statistical success in New Orleans rather than Miami. Also, if we’re talking God-given ability, Parker has a seat at the table and has already ordered. 

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