Dow Inc is ‘not doing well’

Sprout Social: “Your first stock, you just started, this is what you do: you sell 50% right now. That’s going to cushion any loss, and then you can let the rest ride. Congratulations, you understand the value of investing. … maybe trading.”

Dow Inc.: “I say take the profit. I think that it’s got a good yield, but I think that the business is not doing well. It just has to do with the weakness in the economy.”

Fiverr International: “That thing is way too hot. … I wouldn’t go to that [one]. … Too fast. Too big, too fast.”

Braskem: “You’re betting on a big turnaround in the economy and I’m going to have to nix that. I don’t see it happening. I’m going to say that’s a dangerous stock. I even question the yield.”

Ventas: “Ventas was a really tough quarter. [CEO] Deb Cafaro’s got her hands filled. These nursing homes [are a] very tough situation. I can’t recommend this stock. That quarter was really difficult. The rating agencies are all over it. You should read that quarterly before you do some buying.”

Inseego Corp.: “Yeah, that’s O.K. That’s a big 5G. That’s like a pure 5G. We like it. It’s a little overheated, but we like it.”

Vectoiq Acquisition: “That thing’s insane, man. That’s way too hot. … I like [CEO] Steve Girsky very much, but that last spike up — I can’t let you do it. It could be too heartbreaking.”

Delphi Technologies: “Stop wondering. It’s not going anywhere. Why would you want to touch that? We have enough problems.”

Yext: “I like that. … I like that story. I think it’s a good story.”

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