Eagles offer free wedding ceremonies at Lincoln Financial Field for frontline workers

The Philadelphia Eagles are giving once in a lifetime opportunities to frontline workers. The team is offering free wedding ceremonies on the sidelines of Lincoln Financial Field to any frontline workers who have had their weddings canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

This experience usually costs a whopping $30,000 — just in ceremony fees. The ceremony includes a setup, stadium seating for guests and a custom image on the videoboards.

Anyone frontline worker who had an original wedding date before March 31, 2021 qualifies for the free ceremony, but space is limited. Couples do still have to pay for the reception with a minimum cost of $50 per person — a reduced rate. The Touchdown Club holds 125 guests and would cost couples $65 per person. The Hyundai Club holds up to 300 guests with the lowest cost at $50 and the highest at $70 a head and the Tork Club also ranges from $50 to $70 depending on the number of guests.

The discount the team is offering frontline workers is around $20 to $30 per person.

The ceremonies cannot happen quite yet, as large gatherings are still not allowed in Philadelphia. Once the city is cleared to hold events again, the weddings will be planned.

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