Feather M13 Turbo SSD (2TB) with Toolkit – NVMe Drive Upgrade for Apple MacBook Pro 2013-2015, MacBook Air 2013-2017, iMac 2013-2017

Price: $359.98
(as of Apr 29,2020 03:45:43 UTC – Details)

Important Notes
– This isn’t an Apple OEM drive and is Mac-compatible
– macOS High Sierra 10.13.6 is pre-loaded and tested on all drives. This drive requires an Apple firmware update that can only be found in High Sierra and Mojave.
– The warranty is void if the sticker is tampered with
– Drive may differ from photo as we improve performance and reduce cost
– We offer full customer and technical support on every order.

Model year info is on the back of your device.

M13 MODELS (T) = 3100 Read/2500 Write. Otherwise 1500 Read/1100 Write is guaranteed

11″ A1465

EMC2631, Mid 2013, Air6,1
EMC2631, Early 2014, Air6,1
EMC2924, Early 2015, Air7,1
13″ A1466
EMC2632, Mid 2013, Air6,2
EMC2632, Early 2014, Air6,2
EMC2925, Early 2015, Air7,2
EMC3178, Mid 2017, Air7,2

13″ A1502

EMC2678, Late 2013, Pro 11,1
EMC2875, Mid 2014, Pro 11,1
EMC2835, Early 2015, Pro 12,1
15″ A1398
EMC2674, Late 2013,Pro 11,2
EMC2745, Late 2013, Pro 11,3
EMC2876, Mid 2014, Pro 11,2
EMC2881, Mid 2014, Pro 11,3
(T) EMC2909, Mid 2015, Pro 11,4
(T) EMC2910, Mid 2015, Pro 11,5

21.5″ A1418

EMC2638, Late 2013, iMac14,1
EMC2805, Mid 2014, iMac14,4
(T) EMC2889, Late 2015, iMac16,1
(T) EMC2833, Late 2015, iMac16,2
(T) EMC3068, Early 2017, iMac 18,1
(T) EMC3069, Early 2017, iMac18,2
27″ A1419
EMC2639, Late 2013, iMac14,2
EMC2860, Late 2014, iMac15,1
EMC2860, Mid 2015, iMac15,1
(T) EMC2834, Late 2015, iMac17,1
(T) EMC3070, Mid 2017, iMac18,3
(T) EMC3194, Early 2019, iMac 19,1


EMC2840, Late 2014, Mini7,1

27” A1481

EMC2603, Late 2013, Pro6,1

[REVIVE, UPGRADE, PERFORM] Feather is ideal for bringing a tired Mac back to life or upgrading beyond the manufacturer’s standard SSD for even better performance. Feather saves you money by adding years of improved performance to your Mac’s useful life
[EVERYTHING IN ONE PURCHASE] Feather is the only Mac SSD on the market that saves you time by shipping pre-loaded with High Sierra macOS and with the perfect adapter, pentalobe and torx screwdrivers, an installation guide, our online FAQ, and full email and phone support from a real, live person. Everything you need, in one purchase
[CHECK YOUR EMC FOR COMPATIBILITY] Be sure to double-check the Compatibility Chart in the Listing Images and the Product Description below to confirm that Feather M13 Turbo works for your device. The EMC number on your device’s bottom panel is the best way to match
[A FEATHER FOR EVERY MAC] Is M13 not compatible with your device? Check our Compatibility Chart to find the right Feather for you. We support models from 2010 to 2016, and some newer iMac models through 2019

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