‘I have no long case for GM’

Prudential Financial: “I think that payout is too high and it concerns me. … I think you’re reaching for yield, and when I’ve reached for yield in my career, it’s very rare that it’s ever been right.”

Spirit AeroSystems: “I think that aerospace is on hold and this stock can bounce … but I don’t want to be there.”

General Motors: “I have no long case for GM, other than the fact that there are animal spirits right now buying a lot of the down” and out stocks.

American Airlines: “Take half off.”

Dynatrace: “That stock should go higher … I’m going to say yes to that one.”

Health Catalyst: “Just go with” Veeva Systems. “Let that stock come down a little bit.”

Helmerich and Payne: “Well that’s a house of pain. … It’s the best, but in a bad neighborhood of drilling and oil service.”

Chemed: “No. … it’s just too hard a company, but we’ll do homework on it.”

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