John Solomon, Zeldin: Released Documents Raise Questions Whether Marie Yovanovitch Committed Perjury | Video

John Solomon and Rep. Lee Zeldin (R-TX) discuss documents that show Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch’s impeachment testimony left out mention of Burisma meetings, letters. Zeldin said if the situation were reversed and President Barack Obama was the person being targetted, the media would be calling for a perjury investigation.

“While Ambassador Yovanovich, ambassador to the Ukraine, claimed otherwise she claimed she knew more about Burisma then she let on. Tell us,” FOX News host Laura Ingraham said to Solomon.

“Because of Zeldin’s good questioning, this is what we know,” Solomon said. “She testified everything should know about Burisma and Hunter Biden came from a briefing before she went before the Senate to be confirmed and from press reports. Congressman Zeldin kept pressing her that you only know about press reports, she said yeah, that’s all I remembered.”

“It turns out she had meetings directly with Burisma representatives,” Solomon reported. “She received letters, detailed letters from Burisma representatives detailing their efforts to get out from under a criminal investigation before Donald Trump became president. She didn’t mention any of those and there’s only two good options here, right? One, she falsely testified knowing that she had this context. The second to she didn’t review her documents before she testified and it was a proceeding where we were removing the president of the United States possibly. Not a good situation for the hero of the hearings.”

“Americans are seeing the double standard,” Zeldin said. “They know that if Marie Yovanovitch was there to remove President Barack Obama from office, that you would have many of these same mainstream media outlets calling for there to be a perjury investigation into her, but instead they will fact-check all of this and claim that nothing that she said was dishonest, protecting Clapper and we are seeing with power and others and Schiff was mentioned.”

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