MLB all-time teams: A look at the best possible roster for your favorite baseball team

Hello friends! We’re in a bit of an unprecedented time, no? I figured part of my job during this time with so many of you sitting at home with little to do was to help provide a way to kill some time while also entertaining and giving you something to think about. To that end, I’m creating an all-time team for all 30 MLB franchises and encouraging everyone to create their own along with me. You can share it with me via Twitter (@MattSnyderCBS) or just do it on your own. Do it with friends in a Zoom/Google Meet/Skype hangout. That would be fun. 

Anyway, we’re working through the 30 teams with one every single day of April. If your team is not included below. 

AL East

AL Central 

AL West

NL East

NL Central

NL West

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