MLB Power Rankings: Who’s the best team in each region? Yankees rule East; Astros, Dodgers battle in West

We don’t know exactly what the 2020 MLB season is going to look like at this point, but signs point to us getting one. MLB owners approved a proposal last week and submitted it to the players union as the two sides try to find a way to play an abbreviated season. While safety protocols and player salaries are the two biggest issues, MLB‘s proposal would have teams play an 82-game “regional” schedule.

That means the two East divisions would play each other, as would the Central and West. The traditional format of two leagues and six divisions would remain, but a regional schedule would essentially mean a team’s slate would only feature nine different regular season opponents. It also seems certain that MLB will be installing a universal DH if there is a 2020 season.

Here are some of the bigger storylines from the combined regions:

The East is loaded

Here are SportsLine’s win total projections for some teams in the East before the 2020 season got shutdown:

The Blue Jays are likely to be improved from last season, too. There’s only so much beating up that can be done on the poor Orioles and Marlins, so the seven average or better teams will do a lot of beating up on each other. 

AL Central powers take a hit

The Twins won 100 games last season, but they were 41-16 against the Royals, Tigers and White Sox. The Indians won 93 games, but they were a ridiculous 18-1(!) against the Tigers and 12-7 against the Royals. Now, the White Sox are bound to be better — maybe significantly so, but we can’t be sure — but the Royals and Tigers aren’t. Enter the NL Central with four likely contenders in the Cubs, Cardinals, Brewers and Reds, and things get a lot tougher for the Twins and Indians. 

Dodgers have company, but West is still top heavy

Every single projection system there is has the Dodgers running away with the NL West from the get go. SportsLine had them winning the division by 20 games. The projection also had the Astros winning 97 games and the Athletics winning 91. Now, it does look like there’s a big drop off after those three West powers, but we can’t ignore the possibility that someone from the Angels, Rangers, Padres, Diamondbacks group could break through. 

Now, let’s power rank each region, 1-10. Good mix, right? 

East Region Power Rankings

Central Region Power Rankings

West Region Power Rankings

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