Nets’ Spencer Dinwiddie says he’s heard NBA season will resume in the middle of July

There is still no definitive plan for when the NBA will resume the 2019-20 season, but where it once looked like a long-shot that we’d have basketball this summer, it now seems almost certain. Recent reports indicated that Orlando, and specifically Disney World, is likely where the games will be held. 

Now, even specific dates are starting to leak out. Early on Thursday afternoon, Brooklyn Nets guard Spencer Dinwiddie took to Twitter with a claim that practices will start again in June, and games will resume on July 15th at a bubble site. 

Again, there’s nothing set in stone, but if players are starting to hear info about dates, it’s pretty safe to assume that the NBA is planning for something along that timeline. 

Furthermore, Dinwiddie’s info matches up with a few other reports. Marc Stein of the New York Times quote-tweeted Dinwiddie to say, “Many around the league have been buzzing about the same rough timeframe described in this tweet … practices that would launch one month from now … with an NBA season resumption date in the July 15 range.”

And Keith Smith of Yahoo Sports also stated that an exec told him of a similar timeline that would see teams returning to practice in early June, games beginning in July and the Finals wrapping up around Labor Day. 

Just looking at where things stand, and the calendar ahead of us, this makes logical sense. Teams have reopened training facilities under strict health guidelines, but would need something resembling a real training camp to get back in game shape. From there, depending on what format the league is going to use for the remainder of the season and playoffs, you would need about two months to complete the games. 

Under that timeline, the season could be done before football really gets rolling, and it would provide enough time for a legitimate offseason before starting up the 2020-21 campaign around Christmas. 

All the details are still up in the air, and could be a while before we know exactly how the process will work, but if the league is this far down the line in mapping out a schedule, it’s a clear sign that they expect to return to play this summer. 

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