Never buy Caterpillar going into a recession

Caterpillar: “I would do Raytheon ’cause it’s got a little more defense. I know aerospace can be a problem … but my problem with Caterpillar is you never buy Caterpillar going into a recession, so you certainly wouldn’t buy it going into a depression.”

FireEye: “I don’t think FireEye is high quality.”

Jacobs Engineering: “I don’t want to buy engineering construction when we’re going into a definitive slowdown.”

Inovio Pharmaceuticals: “The stock is up like a rocketship. I don’t know whether they’re going to be the vaccine of choice, but if I had bought it two weeks ago, I would take half right now [to sell] and go buy yourself a nice cashmere sweater.”

Simon Property: “I know this stock yields too much. It worries me. … Call me nervous.”

Ayaya: “Interesting idea. … I’d stick with it.”

Euronav: “The shipping companies have come and gone. They had their move, it was a great move, and we salute them and we got to greener pastures.”

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