Photos reveal what inside of Las Vegas Raiders’ new Allegiant Stadium looks like

The Las Vegas RaidersRoomba, I mean stadium, is currently under construction, and despite workers testing positive for the coronavirus, construction has continued and serious progress is being made. We now have photos of what the interior of the $2 billion Allegiant Stadium is shaping up to look like.

The outside is sleek, modern, and gives off Death Star vibes, but the inside hasn’t quite matched that look.

The roof, when looking at it from the inside of the stadium is interesting. While the idea seems nice, I can’t help but think it has an unfinished look, or seem like it’s a trapeze setup at a circus.

When fans are allowed to return to stadiums, whenever that may be, the clear roof will have a slight outdoor feel despite being in a dome, though. 

The inside doesn’t have anything too special, yet. 

Mercedes-Benz Stadium, home of the Atlanta Falcons, has the 360 degree screen, AT&T Stadium, where the Dallas Cowboys play, has the ridiculously large screen, the Minnesota Vikings have a giant vikings ship in the front, so I am expecting something exciting from the Raiders.

The stadium is still under construction, but was expected to be ready by the start of the NFL season.

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