Premier League discusses potential timetable to resume season in June, report says

Whether the Premier League’s 2019-20 season is ultimately finished remains to be seen, but the league seems to have a tentative timetable for training to resume after the coronavirus pandemic. The Premier League talked to clubs on Thursday about training starting back up in May and play resuming on June 8, according to The Telegraph.

The proposed timetable is being discussed with clubs ahead of a shareholders conference on Friday, with all of the plans pending government approval. Prime Minister Boris Johnson has reportedly been informed of the league’s tentative plans to resume.

The reported schedule calls for full training on May 18 with play resuming three weeks after that.

The English government is expected to reduce its lockdown measures on May 7, according to the report, which would then allow training to begin soon after. The return to training would include constant COVID-19 testing. Small-group training could take place just after the first week of May. Clubs are already reportedly calling players back from abroad, according to ESPN.

The plans are a significant step in getting clubs on the same page, though there is still a long way to go. On Thursday, France’s Ligue 1 had its season called off while Germany’s Bundesliga didn’t get the green light to resume that it was hoping for. 

In the event the Premier League doesn’t resume, an average of points per match would likely be used to determine the final table since not all teams have played 29 games. If that happens, Liverpool would win the league while Manchester City, Leicester City and Chelsea would finish in the top four. Relegated teams would be Bournemouth, Aston Villa and Norwich, with Bournemouth losing the head-to-head to West Ham and Watford, who also have 27 points from 29 games.

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