Premier League return: CEO hopes to play games in home stadiums; no dates set for training

Premier League clubs could potentially resume training as soon as Monday, but any decision on when games restarting has yet to be made. The league hasn’t made a decision on training, with the Premier League CEO saying that has to come before even considering when matches could start following the coronavirus shutdown. Numerous Premier League players have been making their way back to England ahead of a potential announcement, including Brighton goalkeeper Maty Ryan.

A day after the United Kingdom’s government said sports can return as early as June 1, Premier League boss Richard Masters spoke to Sky Sports on Tuesday and discussed various topics about the game coming back. With a rumored potential return date of June 12, Masters was quick to say officials haven’t gotten that far.

“I really wouldn’t want to make a prediction now,” Masters said. “Clearly we have plans but they’re all flexible. I think before you’ve even decided to go back to training that it isn’t right to start to talk about when we think we’re going to get back to playing. There are many steps to be taken, many hurdles to get over before we get to that point. And of course part of the government’s announcement was about the danger of the direction of travel of [COVID-19] itself that might frustrate those plans.”

Masters said the clubs remain committed to playing and that no club has asked for the season to be canceled or relegation to be thrown out for this season. He also said the clubs are hoping to play in their home venues instead of neutral venues, thought they’ll consider all options. Play has been stopped since mid-March due to the pandemic.

He went on to say that the league will continue to discuss its plans while adhering to the government guidelines. The league is expected to hold conference calls with club captains, managers and doctors on Wednesday, according to Sky Sports.

The Premier League could be the second major league in Europe to return if it begins play in mid-June. The Bundesliga of Germany is scheduled to begin this weekend, while La Liga and Serie A haven’t announced formal dates to return. France’s Ligue 1 had its season canceled last month. 

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