Samson: MLB, the players and the commissioner’s office are on a bad streak

It is once again time for David Samson to explain what is really going on in the ongoing negotiations between players and ownership of Major League Baseball. In Tuesday’s episode of “Nothing Personal With David Samson,” the explanation was how both sides of this situation have not been doing too well as of late.

For ownership, it’s using MLB‘s access merchants to leak ideas to the public that the owners are considering to offer to the players–such as the suggestion of a 50-game season, which Samson says is an idea inspired by the six-figure revenue loss on a game-to-game basis owners take for every game without fans. For the players, it’s not being as agreeable to the circumstances that ownership is offering them.

But Samson also uses this explanation to serve as a warning to other leagues. The analogy he made is that its easier to captain a ship when the waters are calm than it is when a tsunami approaches. Just like the ship, each league is headed towards rough waters and if baseball, which is already missing most of its season as this is all happening, can’t figure things out in a succinct manner, it’s hard to imagine how well other leagues will handle their negotiations when the rough waters come.

You can hear the entirety of David Samson’s podcast below.

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