Shopify is the ‘hottest stock in the market’

Eaton: “Eaton is a terrific company and it’s had a very good run, but it’s precisely the kind of cyclical that I don’t want people in ’cause I think you don’t buy that stock going into a recession-slash-depression.”

Revolve Group: I have been recommending Revolve, and I’ve been eviscerated by it, but then I always thought they could do a good quarter and they did it tonight after the bell and I’ve got to tell you: I think there’s going to be real momentum there. Their business model is good. So I feel vindicated, somewhat, and I think you’re O.K. in it.”

Hewlett Packard Enterprise: “HPE, the enterprise, I think is a sell. And then HPQ … I think is O.K.”

KeyCorp.: “Key is a great company, sir, but that 7.6% yield tells me … somebody is going to say, ‘Listen, we’ve got to preserve capital at the banks.”

Shopify: “Shopify was up even today. It is the hottest stock in the market. … I want you to wait, even though I think that they’re terrific.”

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