Sudden death playoff holes are some of the best moments from the Masters at Augusta National

It’s every golfer’s dream to win the Masters at Augusta National and don the green jacket at some point in their careers. However, much like a lot of other tournaments that are played on the PGA Tour, sometimes it takes more the 72 holes to earn a victory. If golfers are tied at the end of four rounds, then a winner must be crowned by moving on to sudden death playoff holes. Heading to the extra holes provides some of the most dramatic moments from the most famous tournament in golf, which you can clearly see in the video above. 

There have been 11 instances where playoff holes were necessary at Augusta National since the format was adopted in 1976. Currently, if there is a need for the extra play, the tied golfers will begin on the 18th hole and head to the 10th if still deadlocked. Should the golfers keep battling one another as they vie for the green jacket, then they will continue to alternate between holes 18 and 10 until someone emerges victorious. Throughout history, though, there has never been a need for more than two holes of extra play to crown a Masters winner. 

Most recently, playoff holes were required just last year for Sergio Garcia to earn the first green jacket of his career. 

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