‘The Last Dance’ director says Michael Jordan and Dennis Rodman’s relationship wasn’t very close

A cursory understanding of how the respective personalities of Michael Jordan and Dennis Rodman operated would be enough to help anyone understand just how different the two people were. But the details of the two players’ relationship with one another make the picture even clearer.

Director of ESPN’s The Last Dance, Jason Hehir, spoke with CBS Sports’ Jim Rome Tuesday about that very relationship in light of the Rodman-focused episode of the 10-part docuseries that aired Sunday night. Hehir made sure to dispel the rumor that Jordan yanked Rodman out of his Vegas hotel room by the nose ring when he went to collect the forward after a 96-hour bender in Sin City, but he also noted that it makes sense why someone would believe that story.

The anecdote Hehir gives references a future episode where the Bulls land in Orlando. As they get to the team hotel, Jordan and Rodman seemingly head in opposite directions. Jordan joins Ron Harper in a golf cart to catch their tee time at a golf course, while Rodman heads to Hooters to play a different sort of game — Hehir did not go into specifics to avoid “colorful” language on Rome’s show.

Ultimately that difference in lifestyle did not matter because the partnership the players developed on the court led to three consecutive championships, and the Bulls cementing their place as the team of the 1990s. As Hehir puts it, “They were not golfing buddies by any stretch…They did not pursue the same off-the-court interests. But on the court, it worked beautifully.”

You can watch a clip from the interview below:

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