Twitter reacts to Los Angeles Rams’ new uniforms and helmet

Do you like highlighter yellow with a weird patch stuck on to the shoulder and ombré letters? Then I have just the uniform for you. The Los Angeles Rams revealed new uniforms, and not everyone is loving them. It was only two months ago that the Rams unveiled their new logo and people roasted them for it, and now they have given us something new to dissect and judge.

The new look is meant to be modern while paying homage to the past, but in my very humble opinion, the jerseys seem to be trying a little too hard.

Three uniforms were revealed and are described as, “Royal x Royal”, “Royal x Yellow” and “Bone x Bone.”

They also tweeted out the new uniforms, which feature the horns.

People seem to be liking the helmet more than they are liking the uniforms.

Here are some Twitter reaction to the reveal:

Rams wide receiver Cooper Kupp tweeted his approval of the uniforms, saying he can’t wait to wear his No. 10 on game days.

Kicker Johnny Hekker¬†said, “Full send on the new kit.”

Robert Woods and Jalen Ramsey also like the new look.

The Rams tweeted out a video showing player reactions to the jerseys. But really, what are they going to say? They aren’t going to roast the jerseys.

Ice cream cake is a new one.

There are really some mixed reviews for the jersey.

Like I said, very mixed.

People were expecting something a little different.

What’s wrong with Ikea?

Justice for Donald. Please don’t make him wear these goofy numbers.

The name tags should say, “Hi my name is ____.”

Who do we need to contact?

Rams fans have already been through it.

No need to remind them of Super Bowl LIII.

One thing’s for sure: they are no Chargers uniforms.

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