Utah defensive coordinator suspended as program reviews racist text message from 2013

Utah defensive coordinator Morgan Scalley has been suspended indefinitely pending the outcome of an investigation into a past text message containing racist language. According to a statement from Utah athletic director Mark Harlan, a 2013 text message was referenced in a social media post and brought to light on Wednesday. 

With the consultation of president Ruth Watkins and other campus leaders, the university has hired an outside firm review the matter to determine whether the text message was a one-time incident. In a separate statement, Scalley admitted to making a “terrible mistake” by sending a racial slur that was “offensive and hurtful to not only the African American community, but to all.” Scalley added that he immediately apologized to the recipient of the message after it was sent. It is not clear to whom the message was sent. 

“I am truly sorry, and I own up to the hurt effects of my choice,” Scalley continued. “Through my actions and words going forward, I will demonstrate that my use of that slur in 2013 does not reflect or define who I am or what I stand for. My action is indefensible and I will use my voice and position to bring about meaningful and much-needed change.” 

Harlan added, “The use of any form of racist language is not only antithetical to our policies and values, but it is an affront to all of us, especially our African-American community members.” 

A Utah spokesman told Josh Newman of the Salt Lake Tribune that Scalley has been suspended with pay. Scalley was making $820,000 per year as of last December.  

This is not the first time this week a college football coach has come under fire for using a racial slur as people continue to protest the death of George Floyd. It was revealed that Clemson assistant coach Danny Pearman used a racist slur in speaking to former tight end D.J. Greenlee while at a 2017 practice. Pearman later apologized for the exchange. 

Additionally, Oregon State dismissed redshirt freshman tight end Rocco Carley this week after an audio recording from three years ago emerged of a racist, hate-filled and offensive rant in which Carley used derogatory language toward African-Americans, homosexuals and Muslims.   

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