Wait for Raytheon to go lower and then buy

Royal Dutch Shell: “I say ‘no thank you’.”

Childrens Place Inc.: “We’re not recommending any retailers here, other than the WATCH retailers of Walmart, Amazon, Target, Costco … and Home Depot.”

Franco-Nevada Corp.: “I like Franco-Nevada very much, but you now I don’t like it as much as Barrick, but FNV’s been real, real good. I think you’ve got a winner there. Matter fact, if that comes back any more, I would tell you to buy some more.”

Cracker Barrel: “I have always felt that Cracker Barrel is cheap … but right now I want to stay away” because “people aren’t driving that much.”

United Parcel Service: “If you can get it at $90, I would tell you that that’s where you want to go.”

Exelixis: “We like the cancer treatment specs.”

Raytheon Technologies: “I don’t like aerospace right here. … I say you get a little lower and then you’re good.”

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