WATCH: Aaron Gordon speaks with Dwyane Wade about Slam Dunk Contest results, jokes that nobody agrees with him

Aaron Gordon’s crusade to prove that he should have won the Slam Dunk Contest has not let up in the nearly four months since he lost. The controversy surrounding the event boils down to the presence of Dwyane Wade as a judge. Wade’s former teammate, Derrick Jones Jr. of the Miami Heat, won in the final tiebreaker round amid significant controversy

Gordon specifically has not let up. Just this week he released a diss trick on Wade while claiming that there were no hard feelings. That attitude was reflected in an interview Gordon did with Wade Friday. The two laughed through the conversation, though Gordon was adamant that he should have won. In his eyes, only Wade and Jones believed that he shouldn’t have won. 

“There’s only like a couple of other people that think D.Jones should’ve won though, you know what I mean? It’s you, and D.Jones.”

The overwhelming majority sides with Gordon in the debate, especially in light of his 2016 loss to Zach LaVine. Gordon is perhaps the most accomplished Dunk Contest contestant never to actually win the trophy, losing heartbreakers in both 2016 and 2020. In dunking over 7-5 Tacko Fall, Gordon certainly produced the night’s greatest spectacle. 

He may not ever get the trophy, but Gordon has certainly enjoyed playing the martyr. If anything, he’s gotten more media coverage out of his loss than most winners get for taking home the trophy. It’s a hollow victory, but at least based on the tone of Gordon’s conversation with Wade, it’s one he’s at least starting to accept. 

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